Health Coaching with Debra Curtin

Create a happy productive life.

Health Coaching

What is involved?

To begin with we identify goals and consider what sort of lifestyle a client wants to lead.  This means we look at their current lifestyle and expectations and how these are impacting on their health, then begin to set new goals, behaviours and expectations.  We take a close look at eating habits, exercise and sleeping routines together with stress management techniques.

Eating habits influence our stress management abilities, as eating badly can influence our ability to concentrate and perform well in our work environment.

Exercise is important as this improves our overall energy levels and helps with the stress management.

Sleep hygiene can impact on our moods and energy levels, especially if we are not sleeping well and getting enough sleep.

Mindful stress management techniques help us remain energized rather than feeling drained or exhausted.  Being exhausted can lead to higher stress levels.

We will take time to consider how their body is functioning by looking at diet for inflammatory food habits together with emotional triggers that cause stress responses.  Both of these things can lead to a disruption to digestion and our body’s ability to deal with toxins.

Getting our body in balance through correct diet, exercise, sleep habits and stress management allows for us to achieve more in our life whereby we achieve our bigger dreams and goals.

Cost: $95 per hour

A Health Coaching session begins with a full history looking at current health issues, eating habits, sleep hygiene, exercise practice and stress management awareness.  These set the stage for creating new life goals with time frames to create change to improve your health and well-being.  The beginning focus starts with food.

Taste Success – The Foundation Programme

Taste Success is a 12-week programme, focused on eating healthy whole foods using a beautiful hardcover recipe book with easy to prepare (family friendly) meals and snacks from scratch.  There are fortnightly meal plans together with weekly shopping lists and healthy living tips.

Taste Success has a sustainable approach to eating well, with no restriction on portion size therefore any deprivation.  It is about learning about one’s own natural hunger which allows for the client to learn their own body’s reaction to foods and hunger signals.

The focus is on eating healthy whole foods rather than a diet and weight loss.  This then allows for the client to get out of the “diet” mindset.

The programme provides:

  • A beautiful recipe book with about 100 fabulous recipes.
  • A programme guide, giving you the principles behind the programme and lots of quality nutritional and lifestyle tips.
  • An initial health and wellness assessment, so we can understand where you are at and what you wish to achieve.
  • Fortnightly (15 minute) one-on-one appointments with your Taste Success facilitator.
  • A non-judgemental environment whereby we meet you where you are at and compassionately support you towards your goals.

What to expect from the programme:

  • What a great number of people have experienced from this programme so far has been improved energy, weight loss, reduced cravings, better sleep quality, improved mood, more stable hormones, improved memory and concentration (no ‘brain-fog’), reduced digestive problems (bloating, wind, bowel trouble), lowered stress levels, improved skin health and more.


  • The Taste Success Programme represents excellent value at just $349 (or weekly payments of $29.50 per week for 12 weeks of the programme) for the whole package including all your appointments, our recipe book, weekly meal plans, shopping lists, health tips and more.