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Ashburton Chiropractic.

Ashburton Chiropractic is a Chiropractic clinic based in the heart of Ashburton.

Operating out of the Smith and Church building.  Owner, Dr Debra Curtin is dedicated to helping clients experience improvements to their spinal pain and discomfort through effective Chiropractic care. Dr Debra is also a successful Health Coach and is passionate about working with clients to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic is about having a healthy spine that allows for the free flow of nerve signals to the whole body.

To allow this to occur the body needs to be free of subluxations which then allows the body to move with ease.

As Chiropractors we are trained in the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations by using specific adjustments to the spine.


Chiropractic may be able to help with:

Chiropractic is suitable for

or anyone with any spinal aches, pains or ailments

Ashburton Chiropractic are ACC registered. Let us know if your injury is workplace or sport related at your time of booking.

Meet your Chiro

Debra Curtin

Debra graduated from Macquaire University, Sydney then worked in numerous clinics before settling in Ashburton where she opened her own Chiropractic clinic.  Debra’s passion is to combine her collective knowledge to create a holistic approach to health.

Andre Grob

Andre graduated from Auckland Chiropractic School and has his own practice based in Halswell, Christchurch. Andre is available on Tuesdays from 9am – 5pm at Ashburton Chiropractic.