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A visit to Ashburton Chiropractic could be the beginning of the healing process of resolving your spinal pain and improving your overall well-being.

People come to see Ashburton Chiropractic for many different reasons. Most visit because they are in pain, or want to perform better on the sporting field. Others visit to sleep better and have better overall health.

Most people visit Ashburton Chiropractor to help with:

Chiropractic care can help with

Farmers & Labourers

If you work in a job that sees you performing repetitive actions with your body or working in an environment where it’s easy to form poor posture habits (e.g. in the tractor or truck driving) then you probably experience pain and stiffness commonly in your neck and back.

This pain can really impact your daily living and if left untreated can cause chronic pain. 

Visiting a Chiropractor may help to change the pain pattern you are experiencing and by making simple changes can lead to improved spinal health.

We are passionate about helping our local farmers get back to their daily tasks. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Older adults

Chiropractic care can be great for older adults. Research is revealing that it can really make a difference to your health, function, and quality of life as you age. Getting older doesn’t have to be an inevitable downward health spiral.

With the help of regular Chiropractic care you can postpone or reduce some of the undesirable effects of aging such as frailty, hearing and vision impairments, arthritis, balance loss and memory loss.
Chiropractors are an essential tool in helping you maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

University of Iowa study in 2014. 
This study looked at activities of daily living in older adults – thousands of older adults with back conditions were followed over a period of years. Some had been seen only by medical Doctors, some had been seen by Chiropractors. The researchers compared their General Health status and their ability to complete active daily living tasks. Those who had had Chiropractic care maintained the ability to complete daily living activities such as bathing and dressing, housekeeping and walking and they had a higher self-rated health status.

Seeing a Chiropractor could be the solution you need to improve your overall health and wellbeing as you age.


As a mum, being pregnant can be an exciting time, it can also be tiring and taxing on your body– growing a human being is no easy feat!

As your baby grows, your body changes. Sometimes these changes can be uncomfortable or painful, with about three-quarters of pregnant mums suffering from pain in their back or pelvis. This is one reason that so many pregnant mums seek chiropractic care.

When deciding whether you should see a chiropractor please check with your primary care midwife or Doctor. Ashburton Chiropractic will tailor your care to ensure you and your baby are happy and safe at all times.

If you’ve been suffering from spinal discomfort during your pregnancy, book a time to visit us for a consultation.


Chiropractors see babies to help improve their spinal function with the aim of improving their ability to process what’s going on in their body.

While your baby doesn’t have spinal issues caused from the rugby field (yet!), they may have problems with how their spine is functioning simply due to their previous accommodations in the womb. For a baby, spending 9 months growing in your tummy can get really cramped. Before baby is born, the pressure they are under in the uterus can cause changes in the way their bones move and fuse together and while most of the work in delivery is up to you and your body, your baby does face some strains during delivery which can cause injuries to their spine or nervous system.

If you’re unsure if your baby could benefit from seeing us, please contact us – we’ll be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Bed wetting

Ongoing night-time bed wetting may be helped following a series of Chiropractic treatments. 

We know that gently adjusting the spine changes the way that the brain perceives what’s going on in the body. So improving spinal function with Chiropractic care may help the brain and central nervous system notice that the bladder is full and wake the child at night.


Well known for their falls and tumbles, it’s no surprise that children can also carry around trauma to the spine and nervous system.
Children may benefit from seeing a Chiropractor in many ways:

  • Overall improvement in health and wellbeing
  • Strengthen immunity from common colds and related illnesses
  • Help improve any sleep issues or bedwetting
  • Assist with behaviour or concentration issues
  • Help digestive issues

If you are wondering if your child could benefit from Chiropractic care please get in touch

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